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Hangzhou is one the more ancient cities of China loved by the Chinese as well as people from all over the world. It once was one China’s capitals during the southern Song Dynasty. Now it is one the most popular Tourist destinations among the Chinese. It is the capital of the Zheijang Province. Surrounding hangzhou there are many Lakes and mountains.
The most famous attractions are the West Lake and the XiXi Wetlands. Many hotels are located in Hangzhou both Western Chains like Holiday inn, Hyatt , Mariott and Hilton have Hotels in the beautiful City.  We have a guide to show the Luxury Hotels in Hangzhou. If you like western or Chinese food a good place to start is our guide to the top restaurants in Hangzhou.  Hangzhou has always been famous for its Silk production since its located on the Silk road. Beside this more and more western shops are opening a chain in Hangzhou and the city is becoming more and more international, there even is an  Ikea Hangzhou.

The City of Hangzhou is known among the Chinese as China’s Happiest City. and every Chinese knows the city and the famous west lake. It has been a big historical city and people have been living and working there traditionally and in typical Peaceful and harmonious way of life.

The recent years the city has been opening its doors to tourists and is investing in a green clean Hangzhou. It is becoming one of the biggest and most advanced cities in China by fast developing economy and keeping the Natural surroundings.

The West Lake is only one of the Famous waters of Hangzhou, the others are the Qiantang River , The Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal and finally the XiXi wetlands.
What is the best time or Season to visit Hangzhou ?

You can visit Hangzhou in all season but its most beautiful around Spring just at the end of March Till the Beginning of July. The Weather is not to hot then and all the flowers are beautiful around West Lake. It can rain a lot but that is typical in China so you might want to buy a cheap Umbrella for 10 rmb.

Spring in Hangzhou

The best Season to travel to Hangzhou, Temperature is nice and between 15 and 30 degrees. The Spring makes all the flowers of Hangzhou comes to alive. The Westlake is flourishing then. And the weather is not to hot which makes it perfect to stroll around the Grand Canal.

Summer In Hangzhou

The Summer can be very hot and humid and it bring frequent rains but the lotus flower is beautiful than.

Autumn in Hangzhou.

Sunny and dry days are famous for the Hangzhou Autumn perfect to have a calm and nice visit but try to avoid Chinese National Holiday. The whole city will have the sweet scent of the Osmanthus and the autumn scents of the ending of the plant and flower season.


Winter in Hangzhou
The winters in Hangzhou are not so cold as cities up in the north like Beijing or Shanghai. But The temperatures still drop bellow zero and it sometimes snows which leads to beautiful pictures.

When To Avoid Hangzhou ?

The worst times to travel to Hangzhou is during Chinese Holidays. Hangzhou is one of the most popular Tourist Destinations among Chinese also so everyone uses these days and travels to Hangzhou which causes extremely crowded buses metros and so on.


Shopping in Hangzhou

Due to the rise in the middle class in China Hangzhou is considered a Shopping Paradise in China it has many malls . And even the biggest companies on the world have opened branches here. There  is an  Apple Store in Hangzhou. Also many Europe and American shops are opening a branch in Hangzhou. Like there is Wal-Mart and Carrefour, Auchan, Decathlon in Hangzhou.

Another great website to check out is Hangzhou weekly for Daily updated Hangzhou news

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